FloatGhost 2024

Charleston, SC

Oct 25-27,2024

FloatGhost is a onewheel group riding event meant to spread the joy of onewheels while exploring my local city. The plan is to have a few scheduled group rides each day of the event at different locations throughout the Charleston area. We will have most of our local rides on this site so you can find where else to go ride to explore what Charleston has to offer. This can be a resource to plan your trips to Charleston as well. If you want to come down and do some onewheeling another time, reach out to me!

It is recommended you download and install the RideHermes app so you can see where all the rides will be and you can track those rides regardless of the type of device you are riding (onewheel/vesc/etc).


This is a free event, but we do ask that you register so we have an estimation of how many people plan to attend to help us with infrastructure planning needs, like permitting, generators, parking, Tshirts, etc. Please register for the day you plan to arrive, you don’t need to register for each day.

If you click the book now at the bottom of the page, scroll down to the FloatGhost Registration (it’s built off my Scuba website).

Ideally click the button right below this to register since it will go right to the registration.

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Current Tentative Schedule (Day and times may change before event):

Some updates as of 7/17/2024

  • Permit has been approved with the Charleston County parks for the event. This includes Wannamaker County Park, Laurel Hill County Park, and Stono County Park. We have rented the Cottonwood Shelter at Wannamaker County Park for Sunday 10/27/24, so we will try to focus activities on Sunday around that area. There is an admission fee at these parks. $2 for Wannamaker and $1 for the other 2.
  • The City of Charleston has informed me that I should not bother to submit an application for a permit for rides downtown, since they will most likely disaaprove it. I will not be organizing any rides downtown based on that feedback.
  • Still working on the application for meeting at Mt Pleasant Waterfront Park for the ride over the Ravenel Bridge. A little frustrating about the response from the City of Charleston event permitting, but I still would like to have a ride over the bridge, so will be looking at the best time for that here soon.

10/25/24 Friday


Laurel Hill County Park – (Trails) – 7.6mi for all trails – Around 1 hour

Meet at 1251 Park West Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29466

Ride info: Orange and Yellow trails are fairly easy, pretty smooth but some gravel. Blue trail is very rooty, can be quite challenging and slow moving. Green trail also pretty easy mostly, but a few roots to navigate around.



West Ashley Greenway / Stono River County Park – (Mostly Paved / Approx 2mi Unpaved) – 26.4mi – 2 hrs

Meet at 74 Folly Rd Blvd, Charleston, SC 29407. Plan to have generators at 3580 McLeod Mill Rd, Johns Island, SC 29455

Ride info: The trail is all paved to about the 7 mile point, then is dirt/gravel for about a mile or so. There are two bridges on the gravel portion, one of those will require a decent nudge to get on/off so be prepared. The Wapoo Road section is riding mostly in the road, but it is not a busy street. Typically we will hop on the sidewalk or a driveway to let cars pass if needed.



Daniel Island Trails and Golf Course – (Paved and Trails) – 12mi+ – 1.5 hrs+

Meet at Daniel Island Rec Center – 160 Fairbank Dr, Charleston, SC 29492

Ride info: The trails are right around the Rec Center, and are pretty smooth mostly. If you are comfortable you can definitely get some good speeds on these trails, just watch out for occasional old pavement and a root poking up here and there. The rest of the ride is mostly wide sidewalk with the occasional jump onto neighborhood roads. The ride can go from one to two hours, to sometimes upwards of 4 hours. The video below I believe was over 3 hours and ran until 1am for a couple of us. It was a good time, but we don’t always go that far.


10/26/24 Saturday


Mt Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park to Downtown over Ravenel Bridge and Downtown Charleston Ride – 20+ miles (2.7 mi each way over Ravenel Bridge)

Meet at Mt Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park at 99 Harry M. Hallman Jr Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

Ride info: Starting out at the Waterfront Park, don’t go to the end of the pier, they don’t allow bikes, skateboards, or onewheels down there. You will cross the street on the sidewalk that leads to the walk/bike path over the bridge. You will use about 5-10% battery just going to the top of the bridge, so plan accordingly. Watch out for pedestrians and possible oncoming bikes coming down, they will be going too fast so be ready.

It looks like the permits would not be approved for downtown, so travel will be at your own risk there, so it will not make sense to have the generator downtown. Looking at other options for Saturday’s rides.



Mount Pleasant Night Ride?

10/27/24 Sunday

Morning –

Wannamaker County Park – (Paved and Trails) – 6.5mi approx – 1 hr

Meet at 8888 University Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29406

We will have the Cottonwood Shelter rented for the day, so this will be home base for Sunday. We also plan of having some awards in the afternoon. There are grills at the shelter so still looking at best plans for lunch on site if people would like or if we just keep it as a meeting point.

Wannamaker North Trails – (Trails)

Meet at 455 Westview Blvd, Goose Creek, SC 29445

Ride info: Yellow trail is the easiest, just under 2 miles. Nice intro to trail riding. Green trail is pretty nice, about 2.7 miles, but has some steep up and downs so be ready for that. Blue trail is a bit more technical. LOTS of roots, not unmanageable, but honestly I didn’t find it fun after doing the first 2 trails. I was averaging about 4-5mph on the Blue trail, and I probably won’t do it again if that tells you anything. There is an Orange trail you can get to by going straight up the Yellow trail, but my feet were too spent after the Blue trail to do anything else.



Biggin Creek MTB Trail – (Trails) – 4.8mi – 1 hr

Meet at 570 Rembert C Dennis Blvd, Moncks Corner, SC 29461

Additional Sites Around Charleston

James Island County Park – (Paved) – 6mi – 30 min

Meet at 871 Riverland Dr, Charleston, SC 29412